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Rescue Missions

We work hard to get our efforts noticed by the media and are so proud when this goal comes to fruition. A well informed community is an empowered one as well, so take a look at some of our rescue missions and help spread the word about all the amazing developments at Tracking In The Shadows.

Buddy grouped_edited.jpg


BUDDY IS HOME!!!  4 Months on the run.
Greg and I have been tracking him for about a month. We moved the trap about three times this last week because he would not stay in one spot. I am so grateful to all the people that helped put out flyers and go door-to-door and have spent countless hours and time looking for him.
I got a call about 11 o'clock from Retreat Apartments on Toledo Road. They had seen the flyer we dropped off and was pretty sure he was sitting out back right now. I ran out the door at work, get there and she takes me out back. Of course he was gone. As I am walking to my car I get a call from Greg that Buddy was in the trap!! We had it set up in a neighborhood right behind the apartment complex for about two days. We had moved it there after several calls saying he was in that neighborhood.
This is the dog missing from Mishawaka. Then Spotted in the construction site at the YMCA in Elkhart.
Chip your pets!! I was 99% sure it was him. The scan from Kathy made it 100%.
Buddy is scared and will need some family time to decompress. This is to be expected. Almost four months we chased this guy. He was so happy to see his owners Kimberly and Karen.
Welcome home Buddy. You will forever hold a piece of my heart.



Captured Sep 22 2018
Bella was an owner surrender in April to Indianapolis shelter. From there, she was adopted out to someone in Warsaw. That person then surrendered her to AWL in Kosciusko County. She broke out of their overnight abandonment cages during a storm (She seems to have storm anxiety) and was running scared for nearly three weeks. I was able to trap her and bring her home with me to safety. She has since been well socialized and adopted into her forever home. She is so loved!



Captured July 15 2019
A week or so ago we received a call about a dog that was spotted on the corner of Ash Rd and CR 12. Susan and Jamie went right to work. Establishing a feeding station and getting a consistent pattern down. The property was pretty creepy but the perfect hideout for this pup. An abandoned home and a fallen down barn which would provide much needed shelter.
The last two nights we had narrowed down his patterns enough. His routine was consistent and he came about 12:30AM and 3:00AM. Problem was we had closed the trap by then because it was in a wooded area and there were tons of wildlife!
Jamie, Susan and I all took naps today expecting to pull an all-nighter. Our arrival time was going to be 12:00 and we would sit at the nearby Walmart in case the raccoons went in or he did! I’m getting in my car to head that way at 11:30 and my camera went off! He went into the trap!
When we arrived he was very scared. Barking and growling. We tried to make friends but he wasn’t ready for that. We loaded him up into the truck and drove to Granger where we were able to get him into a closed garage and safely out of the trap. Thanks to Keri for letting us use her space! We needed something close.
We could see he had a collar and tags on. A microchip tag and a rabies tag. I scanned him and called the chip company. They confirmed that this was in fact Bongo! When Bongo went missing back in December, his owner and I had talked a couple times. She is a huge animal lover and even helped with a couple other cases of hit dogs near her house. But Bongo was no where to be found. Dezi Porter answered her phone at 1:00AM to me saying we have your dog! She arrived quickly and we were able to get him home tonight!
8 months missing. Never give up. Microchips do work. You can rest easy now Bongo, you are home.

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